Situated on a disused piece of ex-mine land next door to the local Community Centre. The aim of the Edible Food Forest is to supply a free source of fruit and vegetables for the community. It is an open garden, with local people able to help themselves to produce at will.

What This Space Has To Offer

Our Nantymoel Garden is a hub for all things fresh and healthy. On top of being right next door to a local pantry this garden has so much more to offer. 

Wellbeing Space

Cosy outdoor space for all to use with wooden benches and chairs. Sit down, have a chat and enjoy the garden.

Regular Plant Swaps

Need a change of plants? Bring us what you have and swap them out for something new.

Gardening Community

Volunteer with others that have a passion for gardening, learn and grow for the community.

Take a Look for Yourself

Our Nantymoel Edible Food Forest is growing all sorts of Fruit, Veg and Spices for the community to enjoy. Here anyone is welcome to come along and harvest what they need. Nantymoel also helps supply our local pantries with fresh homegrown produce. 

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