Baobab Bach is committed to working with partners and recently took part in an Employability event in North Cornelly, held at Kenfig and Cornelly Public Hall. Two of our team, Chantelle Harris and Alison Westwood, recently completed the validated Nutrition Skills for Life course taught by Swansea Bay Dietetics. These skills were put to good use in designing and providing a slow cooker demonstration for families attending the event with fruit kebabs and a colouring competition for the children. (And a few adults!)


The colouring competition winner won herself an Easter Egg and also won a ‘Crockpot’ slow cooker for her Nanna, who brought her along to the event. Well done Lola Belle! A big thank you to our lovely partners, Linc Housing, for providing the slow cooker.


One of the most amazing things about a slow cooker is how much energy you can save by using it. Chantelle carefully worked out how much it would cost to cook the 3 dishes we demonstrated – they cost 10p, 12p and 14p. A big saving on cooking a meal for 4 compared to using the oven or hob. Our lovely slow cooker winner is going to let us know how she gets on with hers. She cooked her first slow cooker chilli the day after she received her prize!


Slow cookers can also cook bread, sponge pudding and even a whole roast dinner. Tasty food and low cost cooking – good to know with the cost of living heading up, up, up!


We are going to be rolling out our slow cooker demonstrations to other areas over the next few months – so look out for one coming to your local pantry. You too could be the winner of an energy saving, spanking brand new slow cooker! (Don’t forget to bring the children….)


Below, you will find the recipes we demonstrated – so if you missed them on the day – here they are! 


Coconutty Vegetable Curry

This recipe provides 4 of your 5 a day. (Whoop whoop!!)

The quantity given makes enough for 2 people, so double it for a family of 4. 

Costs approx. £2.69 per person, 14p to cook in slow cooker. 3.5 hours.



1 red chilli

125g cherry tomatoes (or other tomatoes)

1tsp ground turmeric

10g coriander & mint (or parsley and mint)

32g tomato paste/puree (or ketchup)

80g coconut yoghurt

11g vegetable stock mix or 1 vegetable stock cube

15g fresh root ginger

1tbsp curry powder

1 medium sweet potato

160g blanched peas (or frozen peas)

160g trimmed green beans

1 wholemeal pitta per person


Wash fruit and vegetables. Halve or quarter tomatoes (depending on size). Roughly chop coriander/parsley, mint, ginger and chilli. Peel sweet potato and cut into chunks.


Place all ingredients into slow cooker pot. Add about 150ml of water. Leave to cook for 3.5 hours. Check from time to time and stir gently once or twice.


Warm pitta breads in toaster or under the grill. Slice in half, open out and fill each half with the curry. Add mango chutney to taste or more coconut yoghurt. Enjoy!


Meaty Stacks

These can be made with different meats and fillings such as stuffing, fresh fruit and veg to add flavour and variety.

They could even be made using slices of squash or cauliflower or aubergine instead of meat.

Costs approx. £2.73 per person. (Pork stack) Costs 10p to cook in slow cooker. 

5 hours.



4 Chicken thighs/pork steaks/turkey steak/sausages

Pack of streaky bacon

Pack of stuffing

An apple or onion

Aluminium foil


Place 2/3 rashers of streaky bacon on tin foil

Place meat on top piled with stuffing and sliced apples or onion.

Fold bacon over the top.

Wrap in foil and place in slow cooker. 

Add potatoes coated with a little sunflower or olive oil, add chopped carrots next to parcels and cook together.

Complete roast meal cooked in the slow cooker.


Beef and Mushroom Stroganoff

The beef can be left out to make this dish suitable for vegetarians.

Costs approx. £1.91 per person with beef. Costs £0.73 per person if mushroom only.

Costs 12p to cook in slow cooker. 1.5 hours on high.



300 – 500g mushrooms – any type, can be mixed

1 thinly sliced onion

2 garlic cloves – crushed

1 teaspoon oregano

Half cup of sour cream or plain yoghurt or cream

1 tin condensed mushroom soup

Optional – 500g diced beef, browned in a pan then added to slow cooker 


Halve or quarter larger mushrooms. Slice onion and crush garlic. Add to pot. 

Sprinkle oregano over ingredients. Add browned beef if using.

Add tin of condensed soup and fill tin with water and add this too.

Stir and cook for 1.5 to 2 hours. Add sour cream just before the end of cooking time.

Serve with rice.


Happy Easter!

Big Bunny Hugs 

From Team Purple xx